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msrp:1274.99,lowPrice:899.99. 5.0. of 5 stars. (111) Reviews. Compare. Compare Now site5127474168970429492 1274034482466. Top Seller. Open quick view dialog for Vox AC15C1 Limited Black & Tan 15W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp With Creamback and JJ Tubes The Vox V-5 Student amplifier was the entry level tube amplifier from the Vox division of the Thomas Organ Company. It only appeared in the 1965 Vox-King of the Beat catalog. The parts list for the Vox Student amp was very brief. It had a power and output transformer, two input jacks, a pilot lamp, an on/off switch with a volume control.

TUBE HEAD AMPLIFIER Röhren Verstärker VOX AC-120 A VOXProduct Madein England S Nr: 50109 Der VOX AC120 Röhren-Verstärker kommt aus erster Hand und wurdeals E-Gitarren Amp bei Auftritten und im Studio eingesetzt. Der Besitzer warund ist ein guter Musiker. Nach Aussage des Besitzers wurde der VOX etwa 1976neu gekauft VOX METAL CLAD TUBE PA AMPLIFIER/MIXERS 1964 - 1967. Vox Metal Clad Tube PA Amplifiers (coming soon) THE LS-40 PA SPEAKER 1962 - 1968. LS-40 PA 4x10 Speaker Column . THE LS-15 PA SPEAKER 1964 - 1968. LS-15 PA 5x5 Speaker Column . VOX WALL MOUNT SPEAKER 1962 - 1968. Vox. Hi guys, not been posting in a while but I need some help from the accummulated wisdom that is TDPRI. I've been playing a Vox AD30VT modelling amp for nearly the past decade and I'm pretty happy with it. I know that at some point I want to add a tube amp as well. I usually use the Tweed 4x10 (Bassman) and UK 70s (Marshall) models on the amp Best Small Tube Amps Under $300 10w Tube Amps. Vox is the clear choice if you're looking for a classic vibe in a vintage package. VOX AC10C1. Get high gain tone without cranking up! 10 watt combo amp; Two 12AX7's for the preamp and two EL84's for the output These Tube Amp Doctor black plastic corners are great replacements for Vox® and Orange® amps and cabinets that feature this type. The two larger holes are for use with screws while the small holes are intended for pins/nails just like the originals. ¾ radius, 2 pins on front. Used on some vintage Vox ® amps

Best tube amps 2021: 16 of the finest tube-driven heads, combos and lunchbox amps on the market By Jonathan Horsley 24 August 2021 Manufacturers such as Blackstar, MESA/Boogie and Fender are designing a bright future for tube tone, using technologies old and ne Tube amps (sometimes referred to as valve amps) have been around for a long time, with early models dating right back to the 1930s. Though transistor amps eventually arrived on the scene, replacing the need for tube technology, many players still preferred the tone and feel of tube amps Famous tube amps from companies like Fender, Marshall, Vox, and others have come to define the sound of virtually all electric-guitar music. To varying degrees, we know that these amps sound different from each other—and we might even know some basic specs, like what kind of tubes different models use, and maybe some details about stock speakers The sound of VOX amplifiers has left a lasting impact on popular music that still reverberates today. The most influential artists in the world continue to rely on VOX amplifiers to deliver world. The Vox AC4C1 combo tube amp features 12AX7 preamp tubes and an EL84 power tube. This combination gives you the classic Vox Top Boost tones at reasonable volume levels, and in this case, a smaller form factor. This amplifier is an all-tube 4-watt combo with a Celestion 12″ speaker

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The Tung-Sol EL84 / 6BQ5 was a popular OEM tube for American-made EL84 / 6BQ5 guitar amplifiers, such as those built by Gibson and Harmony. Due to its rugged construction and conservative ratings, it is the most reliable current production EL84 type available for use in Vox AC-30 type amplifiers Check out more guitar videos like this Vox MV50 Tube Amplifier Heads Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJmfbHNZynA&list=PLlczpwSXEOyawnqcGGaOafZ9v..

And yet, when it comes to tube amps - the oldest amp tech we have on the market - small is and always has been beautiful. Where we could have a large, 100W digital modelling combo and make it sound great in a domestic setting - i.e. not pushing air around the room and shaking the windows with volume - tube amps are a little different Vox AC4 1x12 4-watt Combo Amp. Vox. AC4 1x12 4-watt Combo Amp. 4-watt, 1x12 Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier with Custom Celestion Speaker. Rated 5/5 12 reviews Write your review Item ID: AC4C112. $ 499 .99. Sweetwater Savings: $ 138 .00 MSRP: $ 637 .99. Special Financing - Ends Dec 31, 2021 As a loyal tube amplifier purist, The reason this product is in the mix here is that it actually has several Vox amp models to choose from, including both AC15 and AC30 options

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VOX's Valvetronix® technology provides excellent sound quality with all the benefits of an electric guitar amplifier. Unlike those old tube amplifiers, VOX doesn't require expensive maintenance or hours to set up - just plug in and play! Small Gig Ready. This amp is perfect for small gigs or rehearsals Vox AC30C2 30-watt 2x12 inch Tube Combo Amp 30-watt 2-channel All-tube 2x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier with Footswitchable Reverb and Tremolo Effects, Effects Loop, and Celestion G12M Greenback Speakers $1,499.99. Or $63. Hier schlägt unser Herz - Ersatzteile für Verstärker bei Tube Amp Doctor Seit langem hat sich TAD der Entwicklung und Wiederinstandsetzung von hochwertigen Röhrenamps verschrieben. In unserer Zeit am Markt haben wir eine große Bandbreite an Erfahrungen sammeln dürfen und unsere Kunden durch unzählige Eigenbauten und Restaurationen geführt I know comparing tube amps and modelling amps is like comparing chalk and cheese, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point out the practicalities . Pros. The VOX AC15C1 is perhaps one of the most iconic tube amps. There's no doubt that tube amp enthusiasts will love it. Here are some of the best bits: Classic VOX Tube Amp Soun

Additional hand soldered wires would connect the components installed on the terminal strips to the transformers, tube sockets and filter capacitors. No printed circuit boards would be used on these amplifiers. The quality of the point-to-point hand wired construction found in JMI Vox amps built in the UK was tidy and masterful (see photo at left) A Vox AC4, like many amps, is designed to make the power tube's cathode slightly positive—a state that is commonly referred to in the guitar universe as cathode biased. Other amps, instead, put a negative charge on the power tube's grid. That's called fixed bias, and it has a similar effect

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  3. On the surface, an EL84 tube is essentially a scaled-down version of the EL34, providing lower output volume and having a lower headroom. While it is common to see them in the same types of amplifiers as an EL34, the EL84 is also commonly used in amplifiers with a Class A design, such as the Vox AC15 and AC30.. Class A amps are a simpler output design that typically provide a sweeter and.
  4. Tube amps provide the most warmth and are excellent for classic guitar tones that are impossible to achieve otherwise. Here are the best 15-watt tube amps available today, perfect for rock, blues, jazz, country, and pop. Rounding Up The 7 Best 15-Watt Tube Amps 1. Fender 65 Princeton Reverb (Our Pick!

Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversio Vox Amp Schematics. Do you have a Vox guitar or bass tube amp that needs repair or modifications? Here you will find our collection of Vox schematics

All Tube. 4 Watts RMS 1 x 12 Celestion VX12 Custom. AC 4 Custom. 10W RMS 1 × 10-inch Celestion VX10. AC10C1. 10 Watts RMS 1 × 10 Celestion VX10. AC10C1 Limited Edition Maroon Bronco. AC10C1-TTBM. 10 Watts RMS 1 × 10 Celestion Junior V-Type The amps main purpose will be to play blues and jazz so I want something with a nice 'twangy' clean tone and that 'warm' distortion that is produced by a tube amp.I really liked the Fender blues junior and vox AC10C1 but, I have heard great things about the Fender X2 as well as the Fender XD and more recently the Fender base breaker but I am still lost With amps, I'm inclined to buy used as great condition is selling 40% below list. I have a 60s Vox tube amp, similar to an AC15, 10 speaker, about 17 watts. Great sounding amp, but in larger settings needed to be mic'd, otherwise got real flabby right after it starts to break up. I got what I thought was a great price on a like new HRD IV VOX's Valvetronix® technology provides excellent sound quality with all the benefits of an electric guitar amplifier. Unlike those old tube amplifiers, VOX doesn't require expensive maintenance or hours to set up - just plug in and play! Small Gig Ready. This amp is perfect for small gigs or rehearsals

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of 5 stars. (16) Reviews. Open Box: $703.12. Compare. Compare Now site51500000000025372 1500000032021. Top Rated. Open quick view dialog for Vox Vox AC10C1 Limited Black & Tan 10W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp With Creamback and JJ Tubes The best tube amplifiers to buy in 2021 at a glance: Matchless Laurel Canyon 112r. Fender 68 Custom Pro Reverb. Fender 68 Custom Vibro Champ. Tone King Gremlin Head. Carr Super Bee. Supro 1696RT Black Magick. Bartel Roseland. Black Volt Amplification Crazy Horse Vox AC4 4-Watt Guitar Combo Small Tube Amp Combo: Micro Amp With A Big Bite: Scaled-down AC15 offers British crunch in a smaller package. Check price: Tone King Gremlin 5-Watt Small Tube Amp Combo: Premium Tube Combo Packed With Tone: Two legendary American voicings packed into one 5-watt combo. Check price: Blackstar HT-20R MkII Low Watt Tube.

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  1. 1996 VOX AC15 Top Boost 1x12 Tube Amp w/ Celestion Greenback, UK-Made Korg - $2,231.18. FOR SALE! Up for sale, a 1996 Vox AC15 Top Boost in excellent condition 17499593146
  2. Vox Night Train Tube Amp 15 watt - $275 (Riverside) Vox Night Train Tube Amp 15 watt or 7.5 watt switchable. El84 and AX7 tubes. Tones from clean Vox chime to down and dirty grit. This is a great little amp for small venues such as restaurants, clubs or mic it through PA for larger venues
  3. Top Tube Amps Under $500, $400 & $300; Final Thoughts. Tube amps are cool and are a lot of fun to play with. So, whether you're planning to use it for rehearsal, live performance or recording, tube amps tend to be reliable and are generally a good choice for tone snobs

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Vox AD30VT. Published on 12/16/10 at 06:02. Originally written by YannaY_5962 on Audiofanzine FR. Hybrid amp (preamp with 12AX7 tube, solid-state amp) One footswitch input, one headphones output. 30 watts (real watts) 11 amp simulations. 11 effects (some dual effects) Gain, volume, treble, mid, bass, master controls The idea behind tube amps is that using one or more tubes to accept and transfer voltage loads, such as a radio signal or a guitar signal, can be controlled by the tubes in such a way that an even, constant transfer of current between the amplifier and the speaker(s) can take place, thus delivering a constant, reliable sound reproduction I was on the fence as to whether I purchase the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III or the Vox AC15 C2. Though I already own two Fender amps and, therefore, familiar with their quality and sound, I decided to go with the Vox because, for close to the same price, offered more of what I was looking for in a tube amp The 10 Best Vox Tube Amps 1,475 reviews scanned The 10 Best Bass Tubes Nobsound NS-08E Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Mini Audio HiFi Stereo Headphone Amp 9.6 9.1 9.7 2

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If you've read any of the other articles I've written about amps here on GuitarSite.com then you'll know I'm a sucker for the chimey-crunchy tones of Vox valve amps, and this re-lease of the classic AC10 has got me excited because it's the best way you can get going with a genuine Vox tube amp for less than $500 Vox Guitar Amplifier Heads (34 matches found) Vox Guitar Amplifier Heads. Search Refinement Options: Brand,Price,Category 18357+16359+22354. Clear All Refinements Used Vox AC15C1-tV Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Product Price $674.99. Great Condition Used Vox AC15C1 15W Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Product Price $464.99. Great Condition Used Vox AC15C1 15W Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Product Price $549.99. Good Condition Used Vox AC15C1 15W Tube Guitar Combo Amp VOX Night Train NT15H Guitar Amp Head Amp Vacuum Tube 15W Used in Japan. ART&BEATS | Japanese Online Music Store. Otsu City, Japan. 102. Preferred Seller. $422.62. + $128.62 Shipping. Excellent. Add to Cart

Vox AC4C1-12 - Vintage British Amplification in a Small Tube-Combo Amp Vox is known for their amazing amplifiers and the Vox AC4C1-12 provides the tone VOX is famous for in one small, compact amp. It has a ton of great features that make it a standout amp for those that want to practice and sound great True, they are not tube amps like the AC30, but they have a sound of their own that is distinctive and ear-pleasing. Even today they have a dedicated following. Except for some bad guesses on Thomas Organ's part, the American Vox amps might have been much more popular and stayed popular for a longer period than they were

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  1. Tube amps of five watts or less have been at the heart of some of the most inspired recordings by rock's legendary guitarists - many of whom used stacks onstage, but favored small practice combos from Fender, Supro, Selmer, Valco, Vox and others for tracking mammoth tones to tape
  2. A 15 Watt modeling amplifier, the AD15VT packs the amazingly versatile tube sound of Valvetronix into an amp that introduces a modern twist to the traditional VOX design. The pure tube sound of.
  3. Level 3. Posts: 1034. I love tube amps. Schematic for Vox AC15CC1 amplifier. « on: March 07, 2018, 01:54:55 pm ». Does anyone on the forum have access to the Vox model AC15CC1 schematic you would like to share? I could not find it listed on the schematics page. Thanks in advance for any help. Logged

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I love the character of tube amplifiers, but I also enjoy the versatility of solid-state modeling. The Vox AV60 gives me both, which makes it a special kind of amp. A pair of 12AX7s provides organic tube dynamics and warmth. The different preamp circuits let me totally control the feel of the amp too. I play a lot of different music styles, and. Vox Valve Reactor (VR) Series. Like the AV range, the Vox VR amps also feature a 12AX7 tube in the power stage. The tube interacts with the power amp and the speaker giving the feel and tonality of a valve amp but in a package that's really affordable Vintage Amplifiers and Tube Amps. Vintage amplifiers can take effects to the next level. This is possible because these products have special hardware that can enhance instrument sounds and musical chords. Most units are compact and sleek, so they don't take up a lot of space. What are the design specs for power amplifiers

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VOX style. Buy on Amazon. If you have a thousand bucks in your budget, then you definitely considered purchasing a VOX first because it is the best tube amp under 1000. Most musicians specifically prefer the distinctive VOX tone. This specific model, the AC 10 was one of VOX's early releases in 1960, then it got upgraded to AC 10 C1 to fit. Find vox tube amp ads in our Guitars & Amps category. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds

Great amp. Real tube sound and real vox sound this little amp has ten watts but sounds like it has fifty it has a short break in period and sounds even better after a short period of use I run an ext. speaker with a 16 ohm spk. To match the spk. in the amp . This creates an 8 ohm. load which increases the amps power Voodoo Amps Vox OTHERS Tube Amplifier kit Tube Socket Connector CMC RCA Jacks RCA Plugs Tube Socket Banana & Spades Binding Posts. About us Contact Quality Control Return Service Shipping Warranty. Copright @2017-2025 HIFIPARTSTORE All reights reserved.. Yes, it is. Simply put, a higher wattage tube amp is louder, but because of some complex and nerdy reasons we won't go into here, the perceived volume of a tube amp at the same wattage as a solid-state amp will be louder. This is why you can probably gig with a 20W tube head for smaller shows, whereas a 20W solid-state won't cut it The Vox AC10C1 combo amp offers classic British tone in a portable 10-watt package that can go from iconic chiming clean tones all the way to full-blown dirt using the onboard gain control. An all-tube amplifier pushed through a custom Celestion speaker, the AC10C1 delivers the classic Vox Top Boost sound that's been favored by guitarists all over the world for more than 50 years

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5 out of 5 stars. (2) 2 product ratings - Vox MV50-BQ Boutique 50-Watt Guitar Amplifier Head with Nutube MV-50 Amp MV50-BG. $139.99. Was: $299.99. Free shipping. 6 watching. Vox AD60VTH Valvetronix 60W Head Amplifier Amp. w/cover & New tube Vox BC108 25-watt 1x8 Cabinet + Vox MV50 AC 50-watt Hybrid Tube Head Value. $329.98. Was: $429.98. VOX amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar Headphone Amplifier. Used, barely played since bought. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (81) 81 product ratings - VOX amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar Headphone Amplifier Find vox tube amps ads. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds Vox Tube Amps. All Vox. Rate and Review this Product Product Page and Buying Options. Vox AC4C1-12 Guitar Combo Amplifier (4 Watts, 1x12) It turns out that 4 watts and a 12 speaker are all you need to rock. This Vox AC4 has both, plus EQ controls to help fine-tune your tone Vox Valve Reactor circuit delivers true tube power amp sound The Vox Valve Reactor circuit is the key factor that separates the Valvetronix series from other modeling amps. The 100% analog original power amp circuit actually has the same power amp circuit as a full-tube amp, using a 12AX7 miniature triode to reproduce a distinctive tube amp sound unattainable by digital technology

Nevertheless, adding insult to injury, the transistorized '66 Pacemaker cost a full $20 more than its tube predecessor of '65, at $149.95. Crank up the Pacemaker V-3, though, and it has that crisp, slightly glassy EL84 sizzle and crunch that does at least hint at an AC15 (as virtually every two-EL84-based amp does at times), and plenty of. Departments > Guitars > Guitar Amps > Amp Tube Combo > Vox > AC30C2 30 Watt 2x12 Tube Combo Add to Wish List Opens a new window. Opens a new window. Opens Image Gallery. Opens Image Gallery. Perhaps the most iconic amplifier in VOX's pedigree, the AC30 earned its place in history as the amplifier that powered the British Invasion Used Vox AC4C1-12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Product Price $359.99. Excellent Condition Used Vox MSB25 Mini Superbeetle 25W 1x10 Guitar Stack. Product Price $229.99. Excellent Condition Used Vox CAMBRIDGE 50 Guitar Combo Amp. Product Price $249.99. Excellent Condition Used Vox MV50 Rock Guitar Amp Head 1962 VOX AC30 Normal model amplifier, serial number 5048N, showing that the amp was built at the Jennings Dartford Road factory in February 1962. The amp is covered in fawn-colored Rexine with a brownish copper control panel and no Top Boost circuit. The 30-watt tube amp is fitted with a pair of Celestion 12-inch blue T.530 speakers

History. The Vox AC30 was originally introduced in 1959 at Hank Marvin's request as the big brother of the fifteen watt (15 W) AC15 model, Vox's original flagship amplifier, because the AC15 was not loud enough with the screaming fans at Cliff Richard's concerts. The AC15 was powered by a pair of EL84 tubes, an EF86-driven Normal channel, an ECC83-driven Vib-Trem channel, and rectified. A Hot-rodded 40 watt Blues amp, that gives you three channels of great clean and distorted tone, all in a neat combo body. Ampeg Gemini 22 Kit. A loud guitar amp from the early 70's. Famed for ageing well. Good with pedal chains. Ampeg GVT Kit. A modern take on a classic family of tube amps. Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1960 Cab Kit Mains Transf. Fender Tweed Twin Amp 5F8,5E8. Mains transformer for Fender® Tweed Twin Amp 5F8 High Power Tweed Twin + Twin Amp 5E8 Low Power Twin with Double 5U4 Rectifier fits also the Fender 57 Twin-Amp Reissue, replaces 0064603000 primary side 100V, 110V, 120V Only for... €179.90 *. Add to cart knob for pots, Black bakalite For 1/4 / 6.3mm shaft, with set-screw on brass casing. American Boutique Amp Style D= 26.9mm, H= 15.8mm original Bakelite. knob for pots, Black with inserted silver center For 1/4 / 6.3mm shaft, with set-screw. BOSS© look, perfect für DIY projects D= 20mm, H= 12mm original Bakelite

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Product Price. $219.99. Vox MV50 Boutique 50W Guitar Amplifier Head. 4.0 of 5 stars. (1) Product Price. $219.99. 36-Month Financing*. Vox AC15CH Custom 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head Vox AC15HW1 Hand-Wired Guitar Combo Amplifier (15 Watts, 1x12) Vox calls this the ultimate amp. Painstakingly hand-wired, this AC15 creates a unique sonic experience with its all-tube preamp, power amp, and rectifier. Overview -. There may never have been an amp boasting such a lofty and pure sound in the entire history of VOX

Tube Guitar Amplifier - Output Transformers . Path: Home > Transformer Index > Tube Guitar Amp Xfmrs & Chokes - INDEX > Tube Marshall Amplification, Yorkville/Traynor or Vox Amplification companies. Amplifier model names (examples): Blues Junior, Bandmaster, Bandmaster Reverb, Bassman, Bassman 100, Bronco, Champ, Vibro-Champ. It does sound like it though. Very large headroom. Crunch 1 and 2 is where the amp really stands out, as Vox is perfect voicing its own products. The sound is very warm, full, and you do get that chime Vox is famous for. The gain stage sounds just like a tube amp and it has a very large headroom Welcome to Ceriatone. Thank you for visiting CeriaTone, home of quality and affordable guitar tube amplifier. We at CeriaTone would be happy to serve your needs, whether you are a DIYer, an amp shop, or a boutique amp manufacturer. CeriaTone has classic circuits to offer, as well as custom made to clients' specifications. *** Due to surge of. With a VOX AC15, the word custom applies in more ways than one. Not only are these boutique amps designed by one of the best amp engineers in the business, but they're also loaded with all the controls and connectivity you need to completely personalize your tone Monoprice Pure Tube Stereo Amplifier with Bluetooth Line and Phono Inputs. Type: Amplifiers & Receivers Length: N/A Weight: 18.58 Features: Sound Quality: This is no hybrid amplifier with a solid state power amplifier hiding behind the tube preamp stage! It uses four EL84 tubes for power and three 6N3 tubes for the preamplifier stage, giving it a level of warmth and sound quality that can only.

Vox UL730. The original Vox UL730 came out in 1966 and had a solid state preamp, which kept pretty clean. This was partnered with a valve power output section based on the EL84 tube to give that archetypal 'Beatles tone' from the Revolver album. The amp was originally designed by the legendary Vox engineer Dick Denney Vox AC4-TV Guitar Tube Amp $275 ( mid cities ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $700. favorite this post Oct 20 Sundown Artist 100 tube amp fsot $700 ( fort worth ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $500. favorite this post Oct 19 Vintage 1965/66 Gibson GA-15 RVT Explorer Tube Amp with Cove

The AC10 was one of the first amplifiers to bear the VOX name and has long been adored for his ability to achieve rich, articulate tube tone at very manageable volumes. For this reason, the AC10 has become a highly coveted piece of VOX history since its discontinuation in 1965. Now, nearly 50 years later, VOX is prou