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HAMMERFALL - (We Make) Sweden Rock (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

  1. HAMMERFALL - (We Make) Sweden Rock (Official Live Video) | Napalm Records
  2. Getting ready for Sweden Rock Festival 2019
  3. Då Som Nu För Alltid
  4. Top 10 Swedish Rockbands!

Favorite bands at Sweden Rock Festival 2019

Metallica Finally Admits Why Jason Newsted Left The Band

  1. Corey Taylor gets mad at rude fan
  2. Sebastian Bach Gets Angry At Staind's Aaron Lewis
  3. Zakk Wylde Plays His Favorite Guitar Riffs
  4. Dave Grohl Roasts Man On NIRVANA 'Nevermind' Cover For Suing The Band

Video: Gary Holt Responds To Slayer Reunion Rumors

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