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Programmet för logotyper, ikoner och grafik för mobiler, på webben eller tryck Create hatching in Illustrator — tilt the grid to get the 75 degree standard inclination. Enter -15 in the angle box. This will skew the grid to 75 degrees from horizontal, the standard hatch angle. Press enter. The grid will be skewed: Pres cmd + A (Mac) or Ctrl + A (Win) to select all

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Apply hatch/pattern in Illustrator and rotate/transform it. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're. How to hatch diagonal lines in Illustrator? I want to make a ground level indication, but I dont know how to do it. - 217088 Note: the Shape Builder Tool is available only for the users of Adobe Illustrator CS5-CS6. Select the object and the hatching lines. Take the Shape Builder Tool and while holding down Opt/Alt keys move your cursor along the outside hatching lines by pressing your mouse button Let's take a look at one of the ways you can create a crosshatch shading effect on vector illustrations in Illustrator CC 2018. LEARN FROM US:Build Rock Soli.. Make hatch marks (hatching) in Illustrator CS5 - YouTube

Copied. Hello all, I must be over looking something here. I am trying to make a hatch pattern in Illustrator CS6 with the pattern tool so I can apply a clean, single lined hatch to various shapes (some small some big - but the hatch needs to remain at the same seamless scale) Browse 209 incredible Hatch Pattern vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy Patterns can be extremely helpful for Illustrator users, and there are many good ones that you can download for free. In this post we'll feature more than 225 repeating patterns that can be downloaded. We'll start with pattern sets and then we'll include some individual patterns at the end of the post No need to return the pattern back to the swatches. It can be used as is, too. (=recolor, use as a brush, make multiples, deform, clip by a clipping path, use as a clipping path etc...) Check also: In the appearance panel you can select a different blending mode, for example Hard light and reduce the opacity

Choose File > Open, locate a brush pattern file (supplied with Adobe Illustrator) that you want to use, and click Open. Choose Window > Brushes. Select the tile you want to use, and drag it to the center of your artwork

How to edit an existing swatch / pattern in Illustrator via the pattern editor CC 2020 2019 2018 et I den här artikeln beskrivs arbetsflödena för att skapa och redigera mönster i Adobe Illustrator CS6 och senare. Mer information om hur du arbetar med mönster i tidigare versioner av Illustrator finns i Mönster

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  1. How to draw cross-hatching technique logo design in illustrator step by step - YouTube
  2. The import into Illustrator is perfect except for one thing: hatches are completely messed up. See the attached screenshot. They are converted to single lines (which is not a problem, although a real 'fill' should be better) but the hatch lines don't follow the exact contour
  3. Sorry but I don't really understand what you mean, the hatch doesn't disappear or anything in illustrator. Everything looks fine, but whenever I make an autocad drawing that includes hatches, illustrator runs extremely slow. Or do you mean that I shouldn't add any hatch in autocad and just add it in illustrator instead to avoid this problem
  4. Illustrator comes with some default pattern brushes, but no diagonal love. Diagonal patterns are a bit more tricky to make than a simple horizontal, or vertical pattern, but with some rock-solid alignment, and some manual input into the Transform palette, you'll be making diagonal patterns in no time
  5. Cross-hatch fills for map symbols in Adobe Illustrator. Tweet. A cartographic design that you often see in grayscale maps is cross-hatched fills. In a project that I am working on, for a scientific paper for Stockholm Environment Institute , the client specified no colors
  6. But the Graph and Hatch style lends itself to vector programs like Illustrator. Instead of drawing each paver and door and detail, we can create styles that give us most of the complexity automatically. Another advantage is that vector art is resolution-independent, so these maps can be scaled up without loss of quality
  7. this posting is essentially the same as posting swatch pattern #2--the solutions offered do not work for me because I do not have black-and-white pattern fills in the Illustrator installation or the cd. want to be able to fill objects with cross hatching or colored dots rather than with solid colour. what is the easiest way to do this please, help

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FGDC DIGITAL CARTOGRAPHIC STANDARD FOR GEOLOGIC MAP SYMBOLIZATION . NOTE: The PDF files accessible from the links below are suitable only for viewing and plotting (symbols in the PDF files are low resolution). To access high-resolution vector symbols, it is necessary to download the PostScript (EPS) files, either as Illustrator 8 (AI8) or CS2 files (or as ZIP archives Scaling, Rotating, Moving, and Stacking Patterns. So far, we've reviewed the basics of creating a pattern fill that can be applied to any shape—a useful skill, but we've just scratched the surface of what you can do with Illustrator pattern fills Explore Hatch designed by Mark Caneso at Adobe Fonts. A slab serif typeface with 8 styles, available from Adobe Fonts for sync and web use. Adobe Fonts is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are Jim Hatch . Technical Illustration. Work. 805-962-3360. ABOUT. CLIENTS. PRESS. QuadraDeuce '32 Ford Illustration. AMA Vetter Triumph X-75 Illustration. Penske Porsche 917/30 Transporter Illustrations. Cycle World Magazine Illustrations. ICON Field Armor 3 Illustrations. Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Poster Art 874 Best Illustrator Hatch Free Brush Downloads from the Brusheezy community. Illustrator Hatch Free Brushes licensed under creative commons, open source, and more

CADpatterns for Adobe Illustrator contains over 400 unique technical and architectural patterns, including simulations of the AutoCAD, Microstation and VectorWorks default hatch patterns. All swatches are simple accessible through the Illustrator swatches palette, are uniquely created and absolutely royalty-free Hatching swatches for Adobe Illustrator Hey Autocadders - I'm using CAD tools for Illustrator - which I know is not the best, it's just for a ridiculous assignment. Anyway, I've been searching high and low for hatching swatches that I can use in Illustrator and haven't come up with anything that costs less than $80 Free Spray & Hatch Illustrator Brushes. This is a collection of creative Illustrator brushes you can use to add texture to your designs. It includes two different styles of brushes featuring 10 spray painting brushes and 10 hatch texture brushes. All free to download This sample selection of free halftone Illustrator brushes are part of a larger pack of halftone vector brushes. Created by UI/UX designer Rob Brink, they're perfect for adding old-school texture to your illustrations, without spending a penny. 30. Rodeo: free Illustrator brushes 225+ Free Adobe Illustrator Patterns. Patterns can be extremely helpful for Illustrator users, and there are many good ones that you can download for free. In this post we'll feature more than 225 repeating patterns that can be downloaded. We'll start with pattern sets and then we'll include some individual patterns at the end of the post

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Material hatches were traditionally drawn by hand so it was important that each drafter was consistent in how they drew the hatch symbols. However, as we have transitioned to computer design software like AutoCAD and Revit, designers can simply select the hatch from a library and make modifications to the scale, angle, or fill region Largest Collection of Adobe Illustrator Pattern Swatches Free Vector Art, Vector Images, Vector Graphic Resources, Clip Art, Illustrations, Wallpaper Background Designs for All Free Downloads I use Adobe Illustrator every day, and am always working with patterns. Creating swatch collections are a great way to organize your designs and easily access them in any document. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to create a little tutorial on how to use and save your patter In the Illustrator document, it's a good idea to turn on the incredibly helpful transparency grid background (oh how I love the transparency grid background), and snap to pixels. Open up the Transform panel too, so it is nice and handy for punching in pixel-perfect widths, heights, x positions and y positions of the elements you draw The hatch patterns are rasterized on their own layer meaning the hatch can simply be erased using the eraser tool. However, applying a mask will allow for editing later on down the road if changes need to be made. 1. Apply Mask. To apply a mask, select the hatch layer and choose the Add a Mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette. 2

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  1. To use any of the included Adobe Illustrator background patterns, first select the desired pattern design by clicking on it, which will immediately add it to your Fill, and then simply grab the Rectangle Tool ( M) and create a new shape using either the click-and-drag method or the more precise window prompt one
  2. imal grass to pretty realistic-looking grass
  3. Cross hatch brushes illustrator - We have 890 Cross hatch brushes illustrator Free Downloads in Ai, EPS, SVG, CDR formats
  4. Cross-hatch fills for map symbols in Adobe Illustrator. A cartographic design that you often see in grayscale maps is cross-hatched fills. In a project that I am working on, for a scientific paper for Stockholm Environment Institute , the client specified no colors. It has been a while since I did this last, and I thought I had a swatch library.
  5. 03. Super Magic Eraser. (Image credit: MAI Tools) Compatibility: Illustrator CS 6, CC. Price: From $7. Download here. This Illustrator plugin is designed to help you crop your images, by automatically cutting and deleting vector objects and paths outside the artboard

Pattern Swatches in Illustrator Pattern Swatches are a hidden gem in illustrator. You can use them to quickly fill shapes with patterns and illustrations. Here's a short tutorial using a t-shirt design. Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Table of contents. A simple example; Example one - stripes; Example two - flower power. A simple exampl Unzip your new patterns by right-clicking on it and choosing Extract or by using a free unzip software like 7-Zip. There are two ways to install a pattern swatch. First, locate your swatch file. Adobe Illustrator pattern swatches have a .ai extension, which is the extension of almost all Illustrator files Find the best Hatch stock photos for your project. Download royalty-free photos, clip art, and video in Adobe's collection

Let's take a look at Illustrator and learn how to create our own pattern swatch in 5 easy steps. 1. Arrange vector elements into a square. Go to View > Show Grid. Then, make a vector square in the color you want your pattern background to be in. In the menu bar, select View > Snap to Grid so your square is aligned with the lines of the grid Back in 2010, I wrote this same tutorial, but back then Adobe Illustrator didn't have a Pattern 'tool'.The possibilities to create patterns was way more limited. The option I suggested back then was to create a Symbol from the pattern fragment and then use instances of this symbol to cover the entire space. Today we have Pattern Mode to play and experiment with Grasshopper 填色. 填充了颜色的实时上色组会被导出为图块,用 ExplodeBlock 打散,会得到若干个 hatch。. 用 SelHatch 选中这些 hatch,再用 Explode 打散成表面 (Fig.04)。. 这些表面就是稍后要引用进 Grasshopper 的几何对象了。. Fig.04 - 待上色表面. 程序本身很简单——在每个. Solution. Adobe Illustrator creates vector-based drawings that are saved in Adobe's [AI] format by default. This format cannot be read in AutoCAD®, but you can export to DWG file format in Adobe Illustrator. The exported file will have the following characteristics: DWG AutoCAD 2000 format. Layer names based on Adobe Illustrator drawing layers Spray y Hatch: Pinceles artísticos para Illustrator. Esta colección de 20 pinceles artísticos para Illustrator te ayudarán a dibujar fácilmente. El paquete de pinceles de Illustrator tiene todo lo que necesita cualquier artista: 10 spray y 10 pinceles de sombreado para crear texturas más realistas

第二步. 加上轮廓线 ,并且hatch出剖到的面,现在su导出的时候自带这个图层,可以很方便的填充啦。. 第三步 Hatch. 在cad中要注意的是最好使用多线来进行绘画,Hatch就可以用选取点了,直接用 选取轮廓hatch ,又快又好。. (仔细看,屋顶和地板的纹理). (用. Browse 45 incredible Crosshatch Pattern vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy

Adobe Illustrator is popularly used by designers to make some amazing designs, whether it is for the web or for printing purposed. Although it might be a bit confusing to use Illustrator at first, and with so many tools to explore, you might just end up making a disaster if you don't use the tools accurately Inspirationfeed. Inspiring and educating bright minds from around the world. June 10, 2020 October 4, 2021 Digital Assets by Adam Green. 1,100+ Free Adobe Illustrator Brushes. Last Updated on October 4, 2021. Digital art is everywhere! With more and more devices being developed, and with the advancement of software used to create digital art. Hi @bruce4444, Type H and the Hatch tab will appear on the ribbon. From there you can scroll through the available patterns. I suggest you try ar-conc. Once you select the pattern then select the CLOSED area to fill with the pattern. If you need to adjust the pattern after it has been applied you can select it once to see the hatch tab again or. How to Create a Hatch Mark Drop Shadow Text Effect in Illustrator Step 4 - The Appearance Menu. Now that we've created the hatch mark effect, let's first make sure our text is selected and then open our Appearance Menu.. The Appearance Menu is either hanging out in your side toolbar, or go to Window > Appearance to bring it up.. Once it's open, double click on the word Characters and. 走捷径 | 论如何科学地用Rhino画CAD. CforChaos. 303 人 赞同了该文章. 尽管传统上AutoCAD是个平立剖制图软件而Rhino是个建模软件,最近C君身边却有越来越多的小伙伴开始用Rhino画平立剖了。. 造成这点的原因有三:. 1. CAD的【hatch】功能太卡+捕捉设置中的【最近点.

华军软件园免费为您提供Adobe Illustrator CS5免费版软件下载。Adobe Illustrator CS5是图形设计、矢量绘制软件,Adobe Illustrator CS5使用Adobe Mercury 支持,能够高效、精确处理大型复杂文件。Adobe Illustrator CS5 全新的追踪引擎可以快速地设计流畅的图案以及对描边使用渐变效果,快速又精确地完成设计,其强大的. Inspired by the potent and powerful natural botanical ingredients, Hatch created an identity and packaging system that boldly commanded attention in a crowded digital set. Details from product form to the unboxing experience aimed to harness the power of delight that naturally comes with a super bloom. Comp 1.mov from Yen Vy Vo on Vimeo Free Class: Hatching. In this lesson, illustrator Redmer Hoekstra will show you how to use fineliners and their characteristics to get started with hatching. You can use hatching techniques to achieve several different gray tones, and by using varying directions you can make darker or lighter shades Make Hatch Pattern Illustrator software free downloads. Make Hatch Pattern Illustrator shareware, freeware, demos: AnalogX Arpeg by AnalogX, BPT-Pro3 for Mac by BABY UNIVERSE Inc, CAD-COMPO by baby-universecojp etc..

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Answer (1 of 3): Not sure about Illustrator, but in Photoshop a .pat is a saved collection of patterns. You can't edit the file as such, but you can load it in Photoshop. When you have the pattern selection dialogue open you'll see a small arrow on the right, near the bottom of the menu you'll se.. Start the Illustrator, then create a new document (File > New). In the new dialog box New Document choose the Basic RGB profile. Step 2. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and click on the artboard. In the opened dialog box enter the width and the height of our rectangle - 150x100px Hatch Pattern Definitions. Hatch patterns are defined in one or more definition files that have a .pat file extension. You can use the hatch patterns as they are, modify them, or create your own custom hatch patterns. Regardless of where a definition is stored, hatch patterns have the same structure

Well, in Illustrator you can create a simple repeating pattern in a couple of minutes. Let's get to work: Create a new document. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a polka dot pattern swatch that you can use as a background for your blog's graphics or for your artworks Approach 2: Opening the USGS pattern pages directly in illustrator. In the folder called USGS_pattern_pages are four ai files. Open any one of these in illustrator. Select the pattern you want to use. Copy and paste this into your document (put it on the side of the page.) Use the eyedropper tool to apply this pattern to a shape HATCH (해치) : 패턴 적용하기 명령어 입력창에 'HATCH' 입력하여 실행한다 단축키 : H HATCH(해치) 명령어를 입력하면, 위 패널에 패턴과 관련된 입력창들이 뜬다. Pick Point 패턴이 채워질 영역 선택하기. Illustrator Hatch Pattern. This page is a collection of pictures related to the topic of [Illustrator Hatch Pattern], which contains CADpatterns pattern overview,Collection of Crosshatch Pattern Vector free for,mask How to flatten a shape with a pattern fill in Illustrator?,225+ Free Adobe Illustrator Patterns Adobe illustrator pattern, Design motivation, Graphic. Illustrator incluye la posibilidad de crear muestras de motivos repetitivos (patterns) para colorear los dibujos vectoriales. Su uso y creación es muy sencillo, pero hay un pequeño detalle que despista a los usuarios noveles: ¿Cómo podemos, una vez aplicados, cambiar su tamaño, proporción y punto de arranque? Si tenemos un dibujo escocés, por ejemplo, y lo queremos más reducido, ¿no.

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Since Revit and AutoCAD work well together, you will notice lines and hatches are separated into layers based on your organization in Revit. Use the Quick Select Menu to Clean Up The AutoCAD Drawing If you want to get rid of the hatches quickly, go to the Properties tab. Open the Quick-select menu, which is the icon with the lightning bolt (because speed!) HOPATCONG, N.J., Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Author Dominick Algeria and Illustrator Granddaughter Jasmin, a family oriented team who embraces uniqueness, have completed their new book The Fish and the Frog: an engaging tale of two friends. Curious of the little eggs that have been buried in the mud, the tadpole investigates and is surprised when little fish hatch

Ashlar Hatch Pattern Autocad 2016 Pdf; Stone Hatch Patterns Autocad; Custom Hatch Patterns Autocad; A good set of free AutoCAD hatch patterns should be a part of every CAD user's. As well as the free AutoCAD hatch pattern resources provided here. Can't detach reference file in autocad 2016. Apr 20, 18 05:08 PM L'app intuitiva per creare loghi, icone e grafica per mobile, web o stampa The hatch on the right side has the Draw Order as Bring to Front. The properties for the furniture and text are the same on both sides. MAJOR MEMO: When plotting a drawing with transparencies, be sure to check the box in the Plot dialog box to Plot Transparency. (Otherwise, you're going to have a very wet plot and need another toner cartridge right away. Using Adobe Illustrator Hatches in Autocad Lt. As per the title, is it possible to use hatch patterns from illustrator in Autocad Lt? Some of the hatches from illustrator are a bit nicer than the standard Autodesk ones but i cant figure out if its possible to use the EPS files in the place of Autocads files or even how to convert them CAD & Revit Hatches Search and filter below or create custom hatches in the editor. Herringbone 400x100mm Hatch. Stretcher 225x75mm Hatch. Stretcher 450x235mm Hatch. Chevron 300x100mm Hatch. Staggered 800x100mm Hatch. Staggered 1000x75mm Hatch. Basketweave 1000x742.4mm Hatch

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Give your illustrations an old etched or engraved appearance with my new collection of 30 free brushes for Adobe Illustrator. These brushes feature a variety of hand-drawn line patterns in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and cross-hatched orientations that can be used to apply shading to your digital drawings. After being scanned from hand-made pen strokes, they [ Standard hatching styles for drawings - Designing Buildings - Share your construction industry knowledge. Hatching styles are patterns used on drawings to act as symbols for the easy identification, rapid identification and location of different types of commonly-used materials, objects and spaces Illustrator How to Cut a Shape Using the Scissors Tool. The Scissors Tool is a slightly different kettle of fish. This tool will only work on a single shape at a time, and it will not enclose paths after a cut has been made. In fact, if it cuts an enclosed shape in half,. Set the hatch origin to the bottom. Included for download are Insulation batt quilt pattern, zig-zag hardcore style. hatches designed for fitting between parallel lines. Download Instructions. To download a pattern click on the text below a pattern, eg HWOOD7E1 and select save

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What artwork image file types can Hatch Embroidery open? Only Hatch Embroidery Composer and Digitizer supports image files. Hatch Embroidery v1 can open these files: .PNG, .BMP, .JPG, .WMF, .EMF,. Free Spray & Hatch Illustrator Brushes . Pixelbuddha Team. FREE. Free Mini Disc Mockup for Photoshop . FLYERWRK. FREE. Free Hanging Poster Mockup for Photoshop . Ls. FREE. 11 Free Print Ready Flyer Templates for Photoshop . Indieground Design Inc. FREE. Unlimited downloads. $9.99/month. Sevenstyles+. Learn more. Sell on Sevenstyles Download All 2,658 patterns compatible with Adobe Illustrator unlimited times with a single Envato Elements subscription Illustrator Grid Tool helps the user to create rectangular grids. These rectangular grids are made up of columns and rows that are transparent, removable and controllable in nature. With the help of these grids and the user can draw the artworks and objects precisely and accurately without any errors. Mostly, the grid tool is used with the. Since graduating from Otis/Parsons back in 1991, Jim Hatch has built an extensive and impressive client list that includes ICON Motosports, Volkswagen, Tourmaster, Buell, Honda, Dunlop, Nissan, Lexus, Specialized, and Giant Bicycles. My first job was working for technical illustrator Kevin Hulsey where I learned a great deal

Illustrator Swatches Vectors. 833 Resources 4 Collections Sort by: Join Freepik and summon the greatest visual resources. Annual Premium $99.9$119.99. Monthly Premium $9.99$14.99. Go Premium Illustration of rgb colors palette guide for graphic and web design. MasoudRezaeipoor. 127. Like. 230,802 architectural material patterns illustrator stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See architectural material patterns illustrator stock video clips. of 2,309. Try these curated collections. Search for architectural material patterns illustrator in these categories 1. Select the pattern on your art board. 2. Double click the Scale Tool in the Tool Panel. 3. In the pop-up window, check Uniform under Scale. The percentage will be at 100%. Adjust this percentage based on how big or small you want the pattern. Uncheck the Transform Object box and be sure to check Transform Patterns box To know more about illustrator brushes you can find an in-depth article here. Today in this post we have got some great Free Brushes for Adobe Illustrator to add to your toolset. these are high-quality brushes, can be used on various occasions. See also:Best High Quality Photoshop Brushes. Spray and Hatch Illustrator Brushes(AI

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This is the free stipple brushes set for Illustrator, a varied selection created from the spray of a particular spray paint cap called a needle cap. Detailed and rich, they can be solely used to create artwork or combined with other tools to make a design more vivid. So bring life to your vector illustrations with this brush set designed and. Hello! I'm Steve Schoger, a UI designer and illustrator from Kitchener, Ontario. I draw and maintain Hero Patterns. Hero Patterns will always be updating and will always be free. Follow me on Twitter and Dribbble to find out when new updates are available

Hatches Vector Depot . Doc Ukp Operasionall Tehnikputra Mandiri Academia Edu . Vector Pdf Free Download . Google Search Http 3a 2f 2fwww Ccadinc Com 2fautocad Tutorials Hatch Patterns Html Desain Tekstur . Top Epigenetics Breakthroughs Of 2018 . Concrete Hatch Illustrator With Pattern Preview, creating repetitive patterns is quicker and more comfortable than ever. It is a fantastic tool. Make perfectly repeating patterns in a moment and share them with us! This tool can help create textile designs, wrapping papers, and backgrounds in other graphic projects. Sort by This pack includes 100 unique line patterns in both Illustrator vector file format and PNG format. Why This Is A Top Pick. Since the patterns are available in Illustrator file format, you'll be able to easily edit the patterns to change colors and design. Or you can directly use the transparent PNGs in Photoshop to create patterns Then the Illustrator had a different tracing tool than that of the You Tube video. Anyway, the Image Tracing tool would not work because the lines did not change to a graphics line. The reason I am doing this is because I gave the pdf file of a set of plans to a person with a laser cutter and he could not do anything because the pdf file was not vector

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Tip 1015: Keep the hatch patterns displaying behind the linework. There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth. -Maya Angelou. Here's a CAD tip for anyone who has experienced having a hatch pattern cover up linework in a drawing, when you want the linework to display in front of the hatch pattern Create a Hatched Drop Shadow Text Effect in Illustrator. February 12, 2015. Hatched drop shadow text effects are becoming more common in typefaces these days - Trend was one of the first to offer a layered font with a faux hatched drop shadow which motivated others to offer them. But what if you want a hatched drop shadow on the font you're.

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I hope that you noticed something in my previous blog post about fixing holes in hatches that didn't have anything to do with that topic. In fact, this is a very common issue that plagues AutoCAD Civil 3D users. As you can tell by the title of the post, it is the fact that AutoCAD and the OOTB (Out Of The Box) concrete hatch pattern seem to not get along very well How to Make a Pattern in Illustrator. Illustrator Tools & Tips. Patterns are a great way to decorate websites, backgrounds, iPhone cases, and anything else that needs more than a white backdrop. But to be able to use the same pattern on many different elements or objects — and make sure it doesn't look like Minecraft — vectors are a must

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Wood texture cad block. 3ds max and all versions of autocad using the superhatch command. European classical elements blocks. This hatch pattern can be used in your autocad drawing files. Free 2d wood grain hatch pattern autocad for use in your cad design. A free autocad library of high quality cad patterns and seamless textures in dwg format Finally, you have the poché or very light line weight. Since I tend to be a fan of material specific hatches, I don't want my drawing, which is composed of several lines very close together) to turn into one big fat dark line. As a result, most of my hatches are the lightest pen weight on my drawings Create with artist-designed Hatch templates for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and Premiere Rush. Save templates with Creative Cloud Libraries