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Testosterone: Gel vs Injections. I recently switched up my testosterone prescription. I am now using Androgel, after nearly 4 years of injections. I am really pleased with the change and thought I'd compare and contrast the two experiences. I initially started with injections for two reasons. First, the cost-it's generally much cheaper A common question that crops up time and time again is about the difference between AndroForte and other low testosterone treatments like AndroGel and TestoGel. We also get asked a lot about the side effects of using testosterone therapy. Here's a recent (an important question) that we received from a new customer Androgel® showed the highest total weight loss (97%) whereas Testim® showed the least (84%). Testim was reported to have a stickiness issue, which could be related to other excipients such as PG, PEG, and glycerin. At the same time, these excipients are known as penetration enhancers for topical products Testogel is same as androgel in a lot of people testogel simply dose not absorbe into the blood and you wont find out untill you get a blood test. I have been useing andro fort a cream daily on scrotal skin it works as good as anything fast and eficent. But prefer ethenate simple injection every 16-18 days and all done do it your self eas

Gel vs injection: Testosterone replacement therapy, or trt, can be done with shots (typically administered every 2-3 weeks) or a daily application of a gel or cream. Both methods are fda-approved.Shots increase t levels rapidly and taper off slowly until the next shot. The topical method, in my opinion, is superior in that it mimics more closely how t is secreted naturally by your body The improved recognition of the sequelae of hypogonadism coupled with an aging male population has led to a significant rise in the treatment of androgen deficiency . A recent study found that 3.8% of men 60 years or older were prescribed T, and the use of T has increased by over 170% between 2007 and 2013 Dr. John Carrozzella of The Florida Center For Hormones and Wellness explains the difference between testosterone gels, testosterone creams, testosterone inj.. Adjusted Dose of Androgel vs Injected TRT. Blood test came back with low T (140 for a 30 y/o male) and Doc prescribed me Androgel today. He seemed to suggest that injections were riskier than the gel but didn't really explain why. Doing some research on here and elsewhere, I've read that most prefer injections over the gel because of the low. Testim Gel 1% applied to various anatomical sites increases TT and CT(free) into the normal range; the best levels are achieved with arms/shoulder application. Flexibility in the application site of Testim is possible if TT or CT(free) is monitored to ensure adequate therapeutic levels. Anemia, poss

Testogel får inte appliceras på könsorganen (penis och testiklar) eftersom den höga alkoholhalten kan ge upphov till lokal irritation. Om du har använt för stor mängd av detta läkemedel Om du har fått i dig för stor mängd läkemedel eller om t.ex. ett barn har fått i sig läkemedlet av misstag kontakta läkare, sjukhus eller Giftinformationscentralen (tel. 112) för bedömning av. apply to shoulders, upper back, mid section, never chest or genital region. wait 15 mins before touching anyone or putting clothes on. wash yo hands. (click.

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  1. Androgel (testosterone) is a convenient topical form of testosterone hormone replacement for males, but you should be careful that the gel doesn't rub off on others. The testosterone implant is a good option for long-term testosterone therapy, but it can be expensive, and it's really important that you get the right dose so your doctor doesn't have to remove pellets
  2. Testosteron is een belangrijk hormoon die een man een actief en rijk leven verzekert. Als het lichaam niet voldoende van dit mannelijke hormoon produceert, kan dit erectieproblemen veroorzaken, haarverlies, zwakte, en andere onaangename symptomen. Dokters kunnen Testogel (Androgel) voorschrijven als testosteron vervangtherapie, wat bijdraagt tot een gebalanceerde hormoonspiegel. Hoe deze.
  3. The AndroGel foil packets come in 2.5 and 5 dosages. I haven't tried Testim but have been on AndroGel for over two years with good results. From an application point of view, the key difference between the two is that AndroGel dries relatively quickly and leaves no residue if applied over a large enough surface area
  4. Androgel (Testogel) is the brand name for a man-made product that can be used to treat men with a testosterone deficiency. It contains the male sex hormone, testosterone. Testosterone is a natural male hormone that decreases with age or for other medical reasons. It is also referred to as Androgen. Taking Androgel (Testogel) increases the male sexual characteristics such as a deep voice.
  5. Androgel, Testosteron Gel, Testogel, Axiron - Cernos Gel Info. Testogel används för behandling av låga testosteronnivåer hos män i enkelt och bekvämt sätt genom att ersätta naturliga hormonet
  6. Androgel, Testosterone Gel, Testogel, Axiron - Cernos Gel [Testosterone gel 14 sachets] $63.00 Winstrol Depot, Injecable Stanozolol - Rexogin [Stanozolol Injection 50mg 10ml vial] $72.00 Trenabol, Finaject - TrenaRapid [Trenbolone Acetate 100mg 10ml vial] $125.0

Testim Vs Androgel I would try whichever your insurance covers first. If your insurance covers both medications, try whichever one has coupons or kickbacks. I've heard people say they didn't pay any/much for Testim for the first year because the company (Auxilium). Androgel, Testosterone Gel, Testogel, Axiron - Testoheal Gel [Testosterone gel 14 sachets] $39.00 Meridia, Reductil - Sibutros Sibutramine tablets [Sibutramine Hydrochloride 15 mg 100 pills] $109.00 Somatropin, Somatotropin, Riptropin, Humatrope, Somatrope - Soma-Max-10 [Human Growth Hormone 1 vial of 10IU] $34.0

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  1. Description. Here you can buy Testogel online USA and in many other countries Cernos Gel (androgel, testosterone sachets) by Sun Pharma comes in boxes containing 14 sachets 5 g each (50 mg of testosterone inside), totally 700 mg of active substance.. Testosterone gel is used for treatment of low testosterone levels in men in easy and convenient way by replacing natural hormone
  2. AndroForte ® 5% is manufactured to Australian government standards by Lawley Pharmaceuticals, and Androgel ® is manufactured in the United States by Abbott Laboratories. Lawley manufactures it's hormone skin creams in Australia. In every 1 ml of AndroForte ® 5% you receive 50 mg of bioidentical testosterone, while it takes 5 ml (one sachet or two pumps) of Androgel ® to deliver the same.
  3. Dit geneesmiddel bevat testosteron gel (testogel), een mannelijk hormoon dat op natuurlijke wijze door het lichaam wordt aangemaakt. Androgel (Testogel) 16,2 mg/g wordt gebruikt bij volwassen mannen ter vervanging van testosteron voor de behandeling van diverse gezondheidsproblemen die worden veroorzaakt door een tekort aan testosteron (hypogonadisme bij mannen)
  4. The difference between AndroGel 1.62% and AndroGel 1% has to do with the strength of the testosterone in each dose. Even though both are applied to the skin, AndroGel 1.62% is used differently than AndroGel 1%. The AndroGel 1% pump is no longer being manufactured

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  1. s including MUIRA PUAMA which is 100% better than testogel even maca gave results now my erection will stay and its a fraction of the price
  2. androgel vs axiron I have been on Androgel 5mg for a month and test only came up a little. I just left Endo said he had something new called Axiron. Has anyone had any expierence with it? He prescribed 60mg, am i receiving now over ten fold increase
  3. Přípravek ANDROGEL se používá u dospělých mužů jako náhrada testosteronu pro léčbu různých zdravotních problémů způsobených nedostatkem testosteronu (mužský hypogonadismus). To je třeba potvrdit dvěma samostatnými měřeními hladiny testosteronu v krvi a také sem patří klinické příznaky, jako je: - impotence

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ANDROGEL 16,2MG/G GEL 88G; ANDROGEL 16,2MG/G GEL 88G. € 59,81 . CNK: 3477247 . Niet in voorraad . Aantal. In winkelmandje. Toevoegen aan verlanglijstje. Toevoegen aan vergelijking. Heb je vragen over dit product? Bel ons voor snelle hulp of advies. 014 58 85 75 . Heb je. Older men may also experience decrease in their physical function, their mobility.. Testosterone gel is often prescribed to offer aging men a boost from these symptoms. AndroGel shares the gel market with brands such as Axiron®, Testim®, and Aveed®. Net sales of AndroGel in 2015 equaled $692 million, according to Libby Holman, AbbVie's. Re: ANDROFEME VS ANDROGEL; testosterone. « Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 11:18:16 AM ». I see you have 2 threads running - can you remove one - I am sure members will be along shortly to reply. If you like, the search function can be helpful too! Logged. Changes can be scarey, even when we want them Androgel/Testogel. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of 29 Thread: Androgel/Testogel. Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; Im 37 5ft 11 tall and weigh 9 stone, I was wondering about Testogel would it make any difference to my weight and muscle growth if my levels were low or OK,.

4) Refractory period between ejaculations. I have been on Testogel (Androgel) on and off, but have never committed myself to it due to the fact that it tends to elevate my oestradiol to supraphysiologic levels, even through I am not obese in any shape or form Longitudinal data from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS) indicate that the prevalence of symptomatic androgen deficiency (Total testosterone <300 ng/dL) in men aged between 40-69 years is between 6% and 12%. 1 In the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA), the prevalence of low total testosterone levels (testosterone <325 ng/dL) increased from relatively low levels for men aged. He's using Testogel, which is the UK equivalent of Androgel. He only uses 2.5 gm daily, so his reaction will be highly dependent on how he applies it. Aug 14, 201 I've been on Androgel since I started T and I love it. I believe people are really misinformed about gel. I was on Testogel (same thing, European) for the first six months. No difference from any other timeline, it seems - although of course everyone varies quite a lot Testosterone gel (Cernos Gel, Androgel, Testogel, Tostran) Sun Pharma (India) Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) $ 120.00 - $ 245.00. Available options. Mild low-dosage testosterone for age-treatment and testosterone-replacement therapy

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testosterone Testogel 50mg gel cutaneous transdermal use Denmark N.V. Organon Kloosterstraat 6 5349 AB Oss The Netherlands testosterone undecanoate Andriol 40 mg capsule, soft oral use Denmark Laboratoires Besins Int., 3 rue du Bourg l'Abbé 75003 Paris France testosterone Androgel 25 mg/dose gel in sachet-dose transdermal us This androgen has an unsaturated bond between C4 and C5, a keto group on C3, and a hydroxyl group at C17. (See Figure 1.) Figure 1. Structure of testosterone molecule. In males, testosterone is secreted by the testes and the adrenal cortex. Synthesis occurs mainly in th

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  1. TESTOGEL 50 mg, transdermal gel in sachet - Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) by Besins Healthcare (UK) Ltd (Ames test) or hamster ovary cells. A relationship between androgen treatment and certain cancers has been found in studies on laboratory animals
  2. Buy real Testogel ANIMALS VS. Androgel Bodybuilding P pUff-f, well, actually, we have considered all the issues, Im sure that after reading you have a complete picture of this Androgel 1.62 from your childhood. p pAfterword Today we have found Testogel 50mg whether it is worth it for everyone who is actively involved to include milk in their nutritious diet
  3. Belangrijk: Online Androgel kopen zonder recept, Androgel Testogel kopen. Testosterone Enanthate 50 mg tot 400 mg om de twee tot vier weken 400mg. kunt u ook vinden dat uw apotheek draagt testosteron gel of misschien testosteron
  4. • ANDROGEL 1% is to be applied to the area of your shoulders, upper arms, or abdomen that will be covered by a short sleeve t-shirt androgel, testosteron gel, testogel, axiron - cernos gel [testosteron gel 14 påsar] 58.00 € Lägg i varukorg Välkommen till vår butik som specialiserat sig på försäljning av anabola steroider i Sverige Testosterone (T) is a medication and naturally.
  5. Androgel, a Testosterona Gel, Testogel, Axiron - Cernos Gel [Testosterona gel 14 saquetas] 52.00 € Top esteróides anabolizantes Deca-Durabolin, Decanoato de Nandrolona - Nandrobolin-250 [Decanoato de Nandrolona 250mg 10 ampolas] 64.00

Androgel is a gel containing testosterone. It is administered through the skin for treatment of low testosterone levels. It belongs to a class of drugs called androgens. Other testosterone replacement products include Androderm, Axiron, Testim, and Fortesta.Testosterone is the major male sex hormone responsible for the normal growth and development of the male sex organs and secondary sex. TESTOGEL 16.2 mg/g is intended for use by men only. TESTOGEL 16.2 mg/g is not indicated in pregnant or breast-feeding women, due to potential virilising effects of the foetus. Pregnant women must avoid any contact with TESTOGEL 16.2 mg/g application sites (see section 4.4). In the event of contact, wash with soap and water as soon as possible

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Testim, AndroGel 1%, AndroGel 1.62%, Fortesta, and Vogelxo are brand names for medications that contain testosterone gel. Each brand medication comes in different packaging and is applied in a different area. Testim is available in a tube that's applied to your shoulders and/or upper arms.AndroGel 1% is available in a packet that's applied to your shoulders, upper arms, and/or stomach area Använd alltid detta läkemedel enligt läkarens anvisningar. Rådfråga läkare eller apotekspersonal om du är osäker på hur och när du ska applicera gel en.. Vanlig startdos är 3 g gel (innehåller 60 mg testosteron) om dagen. Dos en kan justeras av din läkare och maximal dos är 4 g gel (80 mg testosteron) per dag.. Tostrex levereras i en flerdosbehållare med doseringspump som ger. Dänemark: Androgel. Deutschland: Testogel Dosiergel 16,2 mg/g Gel Finnland: Androtopic 16,2 mg/g. Irland: Testogel 16.2 mg/g Gel Polen: Androtop. Slowenien: Androtop 20,25 mg/sprožitev gel Spanien: Testogel 16,2 mg/g Gel. Diese Packungsbeilage wurde zuletzt überarbeitet im Februar 2021 AndroGel (testosterone gel) 1% is a clear, colorless hydroalcoholic gel containing testosterone. The active pharmacologic ingredient in AndroGel 1% is testosterone, an androgen. Testosterone USP is a white to practically white crystalline powder chemically described as 17-beta hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one

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Comment androgel (testogel) agit-il ? androgel (testogel) contient l'hormone testostérone et, lorsqu'il est utilisé, libère cet ingrédient actif dans la circulation sanguine pour en corriger les faibles niveaux Achat testosterone en injectionAchetez les meilleurs testosterone enanthate produits par les meilleures marques ( myogen, hilma Risparmia su sulle migliori marche. Spedizione gratis (vedi condizioni

All parameters during AndroGel treatment were compared with the values at 0 (baseline) and 6 months corresponding to the start and end of the initial 6-month randomized study. Efficacy parameters were also compared between subjects who were under the age of 60 yr (younger, n = 124) and those over 60 yr (older, n = 39) The elimination half-life of AndroGel isn't fully elucidated, but is believed to fall within the range of 8.73 and 21.82 hours. This suggests that it'll take between 2 and 5 days to fully eliminate AndroGel from systemic circulation

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Testogel (androgel, testosterone sachets) by Bayer Schering comes in boxes containing 10 or 30 sachets 5 g each (50 mg of testosterone inside), totally 500-1500 mg of active substance. Testogel is used for treatment of low testosterone levels in men in easy and convenient way by replacing natural hormone Testosterongel: smeren dat het een lust wordt. Sterrenkok en wielertoerist Luc Bellings smeert elke dag een toef testosterongel op zijn gezicht om de veroudering tegen te gaan (DM 16/9). Dat je er jong van blijft, is nog niet bewezen. Maar viriel maakt het wel, zeggen experts The rate of pregnancy 16% versus 0% and embryo of quality A-B was significantly higher in intervention group than control (60% versus 17.4%, P < 0.05). Conclusion: The results of the current study showed that the testosterone gel has a significant impact on the fertility rate in women with a poor response in the IVF cycles

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Testogel vs Injections - Dose Here I was thinking that rubbing some androgel on my shoulders every day was equivilent to a microdose compared to what most guys here are doing with their injections. But I never paid attention to the actual dosages until just now Testosterone, the most common agent used in male hormone replacement therapy is a steroid hormone that occurs as white or slightly creamy white crystals or crystalline powder, is odorless and stable in air. It is practically insoluble in water, but soluble as 1g in 5 mL of ethanol, 2 mL of chloroform and 100 mL of ether, and is soluble in vegetable oils melting between 153 and 157 C. I use Testogel and have peak Testosterone levels, I vary application, sometimes rubbing in, leaving an hour then applying a moisturiser or a sun cream for max absorption, other times I just rub in, allow to dry (less than 5 mins) and leave it on all day, if I go for a shower, or a swim, or sweat within that day, so be it Introduction. Since the first clinical use of testosterone in 1937 (Hamilton, 1937), two years after its discovery as the principal mammalian androgen (David et al., 1935), the need to overcome its distinctive pharmacological limitations of low oral bioavailability and short circulating half-life necessitated development of non-oral depot delivery systems (Handelsman, 2015)

The approximate speed is 100 clicks per minute. (In the video, the instructor does faster than necessary - dont focus on his speed. By the way, when I first tried it, Testogel did it too slowly, learning this - on the contrary - became frequent. Hands should move vertically - for this growth hormone buy [ (Testim or Androgel 1%) Starting: 25mg every morning Typical: 50mg every morning Max: 100mg every morning Dispensed as: - 25mg/5g packets & 50mg/5g packets - Metered dose pump, 12.5mg per pump actuation Testosterone gel (Androgel 1.62%) Starting: 40.5mg daily Typical: 40.5mg daily Usual dosage range: 20.25 mg to 81mg dail Massimizzare l'assorbimento di AndroGel? Applicare a scroto? AndroGel? Testogel - Che cosa è stato il risultato? Ne vale la pena? Androgel vs RS Transaderm Testosterone Gel . Quanto efficace è androgel alla prova? Domande di Androgel per le donne. Chiunque? Androgel utenti: quanto tempo per farlo calci? [sc: signoff-std • Testogel 50mg/5mls in foil sachet. Second line choice if Testim unavailable. It should be sealed and stored in the fridge once opened. These two gels are used similarly. Each tube or sachet used sparingly over 7-14 days and applied variously to the thighs, lower abdominal/pubic area or wrists. Th

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Testogel vs. injections Applying Testogel or having injections will more or less do the same thing, since ultimately more testosterone will be absorbed into your bloodstream. Your doctor will be able to decide during your consultation which is likely to be the best option for you Transdermico 1% Testogel ripristina i livelli di testosterone al range di normalità e aveva una statisticamente provata, significativo effetto positivo sulla massa magra e la composizione corporea. Testogel nomi comuni. Androgel, Bustine di Testosterone, Gel al Testosterone, Transdermico Bustine di Gel. Cernos gel testogel viene in bustine

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TESTOSTERONE Savings, Coupons and Information. | TESTOSTERONE (tes TOS ter one) is the main male hormone. It supports normal male traits such as muscle growth, facial hair, and deep voice Testosterone Topical (Testosterone Cypionate) received an overall rating of 7 out of 10 stars from 21 reviews. See what others have said about Testosterone Topical (Testosterone Cypionate), including the effectiveness, ease of use and side effects

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AndroGel , pack of 10 sachets. Androgel Testosterone Gel 50gm Besins Pack of 1 x 5 gm x 10. Androgel is a transdermal hydroalcoholic testosterone gel that contains a 1% or 1.62% concentration of testosterone by weight.It was originally released in 2.5 gram and 5-gram 1% sachets, equating to a total per-application testosterone dose of 25 mg and 50 mg respectively Testogel® sachets 50mg/5g (if available) and pump dispenser 20.25mg/pump Testogel® sachets - manufacturing problem Transdermal preparations Testogel (1st line) In men: Initially 1 x 5g gel or 2 x metered doses once daily preferably in the morning titrated according to response to a maximum of 10g gel once daily ANDROGEL ® è un farmaco a base di testosterone. ANDROGEL ® è un gel a base di testosterone utile nel trattamento della sintomatologia associata a patologie caratterizzate da carenza endogena di questo ormone.ANDROGEL ® è un gel a base di testosterone, che riduce sensibilmente l'invasività della somministrazione parenterale di questo ormone, rendendo più agevole la terapia Androgel is a topical testosterone supplement used to treat symptoms of low testosterone levels in men 1. The restoration of normal testosterone levels will likely increase muscle growth that had been inhibited by low testosterone levels 1.However, it is likely not safe or effective to use Androgel to increase testosterone and stimulate muscle growth in healthy men with normal levels of.

Testogel или Androgel представлява тестостерон гел за външно приложение на канадската фирма МаксФарм.Прилага се при понижени нива на тестостерон при мъже и жени над 35 год. В резултат се радвате на повишен тонус, настроение и. -AndroGel should be applied once daily to clean dry skin. -After application of AndroGel, it is currently unknown for how long showering or swimming should be delayed. For optimal absorption of testosterone, it appears reasonable to wait at least 5-6 hours after application prior to showering or swimming Efficacy and Tolerability of Testogel/Nebido in Combination With Exercise and Diet in Hypogonadal Male Patients. Androgen dependent carcinoma of the prostate or male mammary gland, past or present history of liver tumours; hypersensitivity towards the active pharmaceutical ingredient or other ingredients AndroGel ® (testosterone gel) 1% and 1.62% are controlled substances, available by prescription, used to treat adult males who have low or no testosterone due to certain medical conditions.. It is not known if AndroGel is safe or effective to treat men who have low testosterone due to aging. It is not known if AndroGel is safe or effective in children younger than 18 years old

AndroGel, c'est son nom, pallie les déficiences en testostérone. Son efficacité et sa simplicité d'utilisation séduisent même certaines femmes. Mais il n'est pas sans risque AndroGel (Testosterone Gel for Topical Use) may treat, side effects, dosage, drug interactions, warnings, patient labeling, reviews, and related medications including drug comparison and health resources. Drugs & Vitamins Drugs A-Z Drugs by Classification Drugs Comparison (Drug Vs Enlarged clitoris is found among people who take Androgel, especially for people who are 0-1 old, have been taking the drug for 5 - 10 years. The phase IV clinical study analyzes which people take Androgel and have Enlarged clitoris. It is created by eHealthMe based on reports of 24,052 people who have side effects when taking Androgel from the. Medscape - Hypogonadism dosing for Androderm, AndroGel (testosterone transdermal), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications, pregnancy & lactation schedules, and cost information

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Androgel (testosterone) is a convenient topical form of testosterone hormone replacement for males, but you should be careful that the gel doesn't rub off on others. Skip to: full site navigation. Menu. Compare Axiron vs. Androgel Head-to. Androgel, Testosteron Gel, Testogel, Axiron - Cernos Gel Info. Testogel wordt gebruikt voor de behandeling van lage niveaus van testosteron bij mannen in eenvoudige en handige manier door het vervangen van natuurlijke hormoon TESTOGEL 25mg/ -50mg, Gel im Beutel enthält den Wirkstoff Testosteron. Der Wirkstoff kommt bei einem Mangel des männlichen Geschlechtshormons Testosteron zum Einsatz. Ein solcher Mangel kann bei einer Unterfunktion der Hirnanhangdrüse (Hypopituitarismus) entstehen Une nouvelle présentation du gel de testostérone ANDROGEL est mise à disposition en France depuis le 19 février 2018: ANDROGEL 16,2 mg/g gel, indiqué chez l'adulte dans le traitement substitutif d'un hypogonadisme masculin quand le déficit en testostérone a été confirmé cliniquement et biologiquement. ANDROGEL 16,2 mg/g gel se présente en récipient multidose muni d'une pompe.

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Testosterone is the primary sex hormone and anabolic steroid in males. In male humans, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair. In addition, testosterone in both sexes is involved in health and well-being. ANDROGEL 16,2 mg/g, gel est indiqué chez l'adulte comme traitement substitutif d'un hypogonadisme masculin quand le déficit en testostérone a été confirmé cliniquement et biologiquement (voir Mises en garde et précautions d'emploi Mises en garde spéciales et précautions d'emploi) AndroGel 1 % (50 mg/5 gram) transdermal gel packet. Loading... View more photos. The photos shown are samples only Not all photos of the drug may be displayed. Sharing it is against the law. Laboratory and/or medical tests (e.g., PSA, cholesterol, hemoglobin, hematocrit, testosterone blood levels,. testoterongel vs Androgel. 01-07-2009, 22:00. Ik zit al een tijdje over na de prakazeren om eens met een testosteron gel te gaan beginnen. nu hadden 2 leden van het BR forum het nieuwe testoterongel van 100mg uitgetest met veel succes. Nu was ik daar zwaar geintreseert in maar begon ik toch eraan te twijfelen het niet te zwaar is The instructions for use describe that Cernos Gel (Testogel) is a 1% hydroalcoholic gel of male androgen, 1 g of cream corresponds to 10 mg of the hormone. Doctors recommend a single application of 2.5 g or 5 g of funds on the skin of the shoulders or abdomen, while avoiding the area of the thyroid gland, breast and genitals